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Civil Court Cases In Cook County Come to a Dead Halt; ‘There’s A Sense of Panic’

The world will forever remember the COVID-19 pandemic which has claimed a lot of lives and brought almost all the activities to a standstill. The judiciary is, however, not an exemption especially in Cook County. After a lengthy lay-off, court activities are set to resume again even though so many cases aren’t available for hearing in about a year now or more, some lawyers have criticized the situation saying it could have been prevented.

A lawyer stated that the situation cannot be termed as “slow-motion or no motion” because he believes it is a serious problem. The lawyers who had pending cases for months finally got notification of the hearing of their cases, some of whom spans till 2021 and have blamed the system for negligence of duty and piling up hearings which hold the fate of many in ransom. They cited the unavailability of WI-FI and video conference as a cause of the delay, the availability of which could have solved this situation even the pandemic showed the lapse and need to get it. Those in-charge showed little concern and didn’t pay attention to it and the chief judge has been made the scapegoat in their accusation and has been labeled as incompetent.

As a result of the situation, one of the lawyers labeled the insurance companies as the victor in the case due to the complicated offers they have been making because of job loss during the pandemic. They have been trying to reach the chief judge to do something about the situation. While taking cognizance of the fact that, lawyers are doing a great job for the court hearing to proceed, their effort is however being frustrated by the clerks of Lake Counties and Kane for not giving them feedback as to how they have managed to keep court hearing going in their counties. It is highly commendable that hearings have been on-going in these two counties, despite the pandemic which is due to the effective job of the clerks.

However, Cook County judge has responded that the pandemic has made it impossible for them to proceed and that the judges are not in any way responsible for the delay in hearing. According to her, these judges have been working tirelessly to ensure that court hearings resume and she can’t be more proud of their effort, despite the pandemic. The chief judge said the lawyers criticizing didn't see what is happening on the inside because they are outside, however, going by the years of experience so far, the judges are working harder than before.


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