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What should I do after an automobile accident

Automobile accidents have increased in frequency, even minor collisions. While less cars were on the roadway during this pandemic, 16% lesser says Zendrive, the mobile phone driving Analytics provider app. And the driver may be even more distracted.

A report by Zendrive in May states that phone usage while driving had risen 38 percent following lockdown. Their figures also indicate other risks, such as speeding (27% increase), hard braking (25 percent increase).

But people now log in to Zoom meetings on the streets as well.

If you are in an automobile accident, if you've caused the incident or not, you would like to be aware. Preparation can help you claim auto insurance and shield you from an accident when another driver fault you for the cause of the accident.

Here is how to deal with emergency situations, first responders, accidents, insurance providers, other drivers in this challenging time.

What should I do immediately after the accident?

When possible, first, take your car to some safe and well-lighted location, where you along with that other driver would be seen clearly by the public. This refers in particular, "if you were hit from the rear and you could be the intended target of an accident that was staged." according to to Scott Holeman, who is the spokesperson of the Institute of Insurance Information.

You would like to move your car onto the curb so it won’t pose a danger on the road.

Robert Passmore, the Vice President at Car & Policy Claims for the American Property Insurance Casualty Association, says "Be cautious and make use of your emergency flasher so you can alert oncoming vehicles. Also, if you have a feeling of disorientation, it is necessary to have a strategy and to go through the incidence to protect your rights.

If it's hard to move your vehicle, get away from the accident by yourself and all passengers. However, Holeman advises that you must ensure that you are not leaving the scene."

Secure children, animals, the aged and the handicapped

You can easily be distracted after the car accident and make errors with family and pets which may lead to more injury otherwise. -Don’t leave behind little children, and pets, disabled adults, or nonpatient elders in a locked, hot, closed car just after the accident, if the accident is a minor collision. Don't put the engine off when they are in a heated car, like you don't abandon them in your car to go to a shopping center or elsewhere.

Do not remove anyone from vehicle seats after an accident if children riding with you while in the accident are young enough to sit in the vehicle seats. You may not be able to see injuries, let the first response team member, consider removing them from your vehicle seat to assess for injuries. Ensure that other kids remain in the vehicle whenever it's secure, so kids don't get hurt. Follow the same for elderly people that aren’t ambulatory or disabled, although they may be upset or even afraid.

Get in touch with law enforcement or ambulance

When in a secure spot, check if you or someone in your vehicle has injuries during the accident. When anyone even displays minor injuries due to the crash, contact fire rescue or perhaps an ambulance. Obtain urgent medical attention for yourself or others, especially, if the victims are children, the elderly or the disabled.

Once you dial 911, have someone close by to send you location of accident, when you do not even know in which place you're exactly.

Along with name, address and information you're asked for, prepare to give your house number, street name or signs, travel route and anything else you might think would help to find you fast and easily. In this connection, please contact us for details.Before the sender says you could do so, don't keep the phone.. "While calling the police isn't always needed, it is required in a few states," Holeman said.

States have numerous ways to alert the police with phones. These can involve dialing mobile phone numbers for state police like SP star 77 or HP star 47 for motorway patrols and reporting issues with motorway and vehicles. Note that "511" isn’t a vehicle crash report; it’s the vehicle travel monitoring situation at the location you are dialing. Ensure that your children are taught how and when they ought to ring 911.

You can only call 911 for accidents in other states, although some places permit text 911, which is advisable only if it is your only choice. It's crucial to know the number of emergencies to dial in the state, reporting accidents to state motor car division and traffic regulations of your state.

If you are outside of the state and met with a vehicle accident, you can dial 911. Be ready for potential long waiting times, as the law enforcement gives priority to urgent appeals particularly during this pandemic.

When the police can't be on site, have had to leave without reporting, don't come on the scene since no one had been injured and the cars involved don't block traffic, you shouldn’t panic. Visit the police station closest to you and come back after filing a report fast. Most states permit you to produce a police report up to 72 hours, also, regulation varies according to state.

In case you're sued by that other driver, you must record the accident with such a police report says Holeman. Collect your copy of the police investigation.

"In the court hearings, the police investigation report will help," he said.


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