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What to do when involved in a car or motorcycle accident

Accident is becoming rampant and as such a call for alarm. Quite a number of people have involved in accidents on the street of Washington and didn’t get justice because they do not know the right thing to do. If you have ever been involved in a road accident and you are clueless of what to do, here are the things you should know:

What should be my first action?

  • • Put into a written document every scene that played out in the accident scene such as name, witness, insurance agents, and their company name in the event of a lawsuit filed for compensation.
  • • Consult an experienced injury attorney before talking to the insurance company involved.
  • • Make sure you tell the person who supposedly caused the accident that resulted in you being injured, about your intention of filing the lawsuit.
  • • Protect any form of evidence you have by all means.
  • • Get copies of the police report from the agency investigating by paying a non-refundable $10.50 in the case of a written document.

Log on to the and check the “Hot Topics” menu and click on “Collision Reports” to request for the report, however, the payment still applies. If you do not have an internet facility, write to the Washington State Police providing your details and the accident details. If they have already investigated the accident, they will send you the report and if not, they will investigate and give you feedback.

Who should be blamed?

  • • The responsibility of taking care of medial expense by the accused
  • • The refusal of responsibility by the accused person
  • • The injury you incurred
  • • The person being responsible truly
  • • However, if both of you are guilty of the situation, the cost will be shared by both of you as stated under Washington comparative negligence law.

What is the Worth of my Claim?

The accused person is responsible for the following:

  • • All medical expense which covers the previous, current and future
  • • Unavoidable time loss at your work
  • • Damaged property
  • • House help agent payment during the time of nursing your injuries
  • • Where there is disability he is liable
  • • Emotional and mental distress that has affected your relationship with family and friends
  • • Changes in your earnings in the future and any other cost
  • • It is important to hire an experienced attorney in order to prove your case.

What if the accused person doesn’t have insurance, or the insurance can’t pay all?

Under any circumstances, you will be paid by the ‘underinsurance company’ or by the person who caused your accident. The “First Party” package, UIM/UM which is clearly stated on the Declaration page of the insurance policy will cover you and if you do not, you must write for a waiver coverage.

How long does it take to file a Legal Claim?

You have the time frame of three years to file a lawsuit, if you do not during this period; your claim is no longer liable for court hearing. Read more on the UIM/UM for further clarification.


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