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3 Solutions For Water Damage in your home

Florida Advocates Provides Free Insurance Policy Reviews

Florida Advocates can help with your Flood Claims

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Susan Brown - Personal Injury Attorney

Carlos Cabrera - Managing Attorney

Woman Who Lived In Surfside Building That Collapsed Says Starting Over Isn't Easy

SoFlo Home Project : Florida Advocates Segment

Channel 5 News Palm Beach Interview on Hurricane Dorian

Are landlords or tenants responsible for putting up hurricane shutters in Florida?

"They'll ask, hey what's the protocol, what are we supposed to do? We always say refer back to your lease, look at your lease first, then have a conversation with your landlord," said Jonathan Dolphus with the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches and Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Dolphus said he's been getting calls from clients. Landlords also need some guidance.Florida advocates attorney Russel Lazega says usually it's in the homeowner's best interest to secure their own property because insurance companies may battle their storm damage claims if the homeowner didn't take any precautions.

"The landlord is required to basically just protect the box, the property that you live in, not the contents, not providing assurance that you'll have somewhere to live if you're displaced from the storms," said Lazega.

Attorney Lazega said the best thing you can do as a tenant is get renters insurance, but soon, because insurance agencies may be closing the window of time you can create a policy before a storm. "The best remedy is taking things into your own hands by buying renter's insurance, renter's insurance protects your personal property," added Lazega. Realtors also recommend you take photos of all the work you've done to prepare the home for a storm, should any damage occur.

Russ Discusses Hurricane Irma with FEMA and CBS4

Focus On South Florida: After Hurricane Irma

Russel Lezage, an insurance litigator from Florida Advocates Law Firm also joins to discuss options for homeowners and business owners who have insurance and have suffered damage from Hurricane Irma.

Hospital News & Healthcare Report

Florida Advocates: Helping Medical Providers Recover Unpaid Fees

As a healthcare provider, you want to accelerate cash collections and improve your payor performance including processing clean claims. In a perfect world, you would have a simple revenue collection system established free of hassles and disputes.

Miami-Dade lawyers cause headaches for Citizens Property Insurance.

Miami Herald

Aggressive lawyers in Miami-Dade say the only way many Citizens’ policyholders can get claims paid is to take the company to court, and a new report shows the aggressive tactics are responsible for a surge in lawsuits.

Supreme Court rules against insurer in PIP Dispute

Sun Sentinel

In a blow to the insurance industry, a divided Florida Supreme Court on Thursday, ruled that Geico could not require a woman to give a statement under oath as a condition of receiving injury benefits after an auto accident.

Florida Supreme Court Decides Fee Schedule Reduction Case

Florida Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court of Florida on July 5, 2013, ruled that PIP insurers may not apply the 2008 PIP medical fee schedule to reduce medical provider bills unless the insurance policy specifically indicated that this payment methodology would be used. What this means for Florida hospitals and medical providers is that medical providers may be able to go back as far as 2008 and recoup these reductions from the insurers.

Health News Florida

How our hospitals are bleeding millions in PIP dollars

As a hospital collection attorney, I’ll just come out and say it—our hospitals are often in the taxing position of being stuck with you—whether you can pay the bill or not; and even generally whether you intend to pay or not.

Understanding Hurricane Insurance Coverage

Insurance litigation attorney Russell Lazega says your best friend right now is your phone.

Though Tropical Storm Issac's trajectory is still uncertain, forecasters say South Florida remains in the five-day "cone" of the storm. Local expert Tells NBC 6 it's a good time as any to understand how and what your homeowner's insurance covers..