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insurance companies.

For 26 combined years, we've helped clients collect over $100 million in unpaid and underpaid claims.


What is PIP coverage?



What is Bodily Injury Coverage?



What is PD coverage?



What is Comprehensive Collision Coverage ?



What is Gap coverage?



What is UM coverage?



What is stacking and unstacking UM coverage?



What is a deductible?



What is full coverage?



What is Material Misrepresentation?



What do I do after an auto accident?



What do I do when my insurance company schedules me an Independent Medical...



How soon after an accident do I need to seek medical care in order for my treatment to be...



What is Homeowners insurance?



What is windstorm insurance coverage?



What does flood insurance cover ?



How does owning a condominium change things in a homeowner claim?



What is a homeowner's insurance right of repair?



What is emergency mitigation coverage?



Do I need a public adjuster?